Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 18, 2009

by my troth.
R is for Robyn Hitchcock.
These articles were going to be jokes,
but they're actually kind of good.
Resolved question.  What CAN'T the internet do
a new twist on an old favorite
For $500 the question is
Image Mapper


Mr X Stitch said...

I like this post. I looks kinda abstract, but turns out to be an interesting little voyage of discovery! :)

Virginia said...

Hmmm.... This post asks more questions than it answers . . .

Love your thoughtful work.

Anonymous said...

It seems you are losing yourself into the depths of embroidery. Who would have predicted that to be possible. Stay centered and interesting.

Librarian Russ said...

This image is broke'd

Nicole said...

eeek thank you!

Librarian Russ said...

This youtube video has been removed due to a copyright claim blah blah blah.

Nicole said...

That's too bad, it was like the best Robyn Hitchcock song ever!