Sunday, August 2, 2009

July 31 to August 2(1), 2009

Hint for reading this one: The links start at the shadow toward the bottom of the embroidery hoop and spiral outward from there. View on flickr if you prefer, the image is bigger and the links more obvious. It's not crucial to go "in order," but it might make more sense if you do.

I also want to say for the record that pretty much everything I do, even when it's about lame sad crap, is usually done with humor and is totally tongue-in-cheek, and should be read as such.

Been feeling kind of rotten, physically and emotionally, for a few days now.  Not like myself.
I meant for this to just be 7-31 - 8-2 but apparently my subconscious has already decided that I'm going to feel like crap for 20 days.  3 down ...
I'm not usually so shy, but feeling crappy makes me feel unsociable, which makes me feel shy which makes me feel worse .. and on and on.
ok, I was going to make fun of this but after reading it, these are actually really useful ways to deal with feeling overwhelmed and stressed out
Basically, I just hope I snap out of it soon.  I've been depressed before and I'm not interested in going back.
It cheers me immensely to see stupid drug names for depression treatment
It also helps to get the hell outside of my own stupid head.  Some things I've been enjoying lately ...
new studio
the amazing weather
this book
this blog
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